Questo breve testo, di qualche anno fa, è pubblicato qui, accanto ad altre dichiarazioni di affetto per il taiji raccolte dal compianto Ronnie Robinson

Roberta Polizzi on Why I Like Tai Chi

I was 28 years old when I met Taiji and had already gone some ways. As I by chance opened that door and walked in I found everything that I ever loved or was passionate about suddenly combined! I didn’t need to leave anything out to play Taiji!  There was the body, these incredibly soft movements, some fighting (I loved to play-fight as a child:-) but then again philosophy, psychology, lots of history and a thoroughly new culture to get into…

roberta-judithAnd there’s no end for going in deeper and the more you go in the more doors open to reveal amazing worlds within. But most of all I think I like that space which is the practice itself, the playfulness of it, the seriousness in it. This space peculiar to any art or creative research, like children playing… And then I love that silent music of Taiji, the hidden rhythms of its forms.  I like it because it’s a never-ending learning and still there is no place to go. As it is not about getting anywhere, this is peaceful and very real. It is here. It is now. Or nowhere.

I like it because it teaches you to understand the language of the body, and because it’s body language it doesn’t mess up that much.

And I like Taiji because it’s like a good old friend who doesn’t stop surprising me. When it shows me my weak points,  it does it with the invitation to be patient and soft with them. With the promise even, that that softness is the way. Taiji speaks a different language…

And then I like it, that I found a bunch of people in it, who I could share this with, play this with, discuss this with, practice this with. At least at times.

And, as I see no end to its deep waters, I just keep swimming and enjoying it.